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After listening to our customers worldwide concerning their needs and wants for more power for their motorcycles, we began to design and manufacture our own TWISTED line of motorcycle accessories, starting with the original TWISTED 12mm FAT Spark Plug Wires, our TWISTED Engine line and our new USA-1 line. 



Once a Mom and Pop shop, we started out with the goal of providing our customers with a choice of affordable, unique accessories along with excellent customer service. Through hard work and determination, we grew our business from a small-town retail shop to power sellers worldwide.   We sell thousands of tires from the following brands: Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli, Shinko, and Vee Rubber. We carry white walls, double white walls, and wide white walls for all makes and models.

Our knowledgeable techs are certified mechanics who have gone through a licensed motorcycle mechanics school. Our repair facility services the following motorcycles: Harley Davidson, Big Dog, Custom Builds, Indian, Victory, and Metric bikes, and now we’ve expanded to dirt bikes!

Regarding motorcycle parts, we only offer the best we can find.  We offer various models of batteries, mirrors, windshields, exhausts, wheels, oil tanks, gas tanks, hand controls, grips, foot controls, throttle and idle cables, clutch cables, ape hanger handlebars, z-bars, headlights, tail lights, fender lights, brakes, engines, transmissions, frames, fenders and pretty much anything else you can think of both online and in-store. If we don't have it, call us, and we'll find it for you.


As a Pastoral team at Springfield Assembly of God, we have integrated our duty to fulfill the Great Commission with our power-selling platform by giving a FREE Bible with each purchase shipped from our warehouse.  If you received a package that didn't have one and would like one, contact us!  If you want to know more about our Ministry, see our Church website at

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